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KEA SBDM Training and Consultation

KEA has long been a provider of quality school-based decision making training. Councils interested in KEA providing their SBDM training should contact the KEA UniServ director who works with their school district. Individual council members have the right to be trained by any endorsed trainer like KEA.

KEA’s fee schedule for that training should be manageable for all councils. KEA is providing this information so councils have the information for their planning.

There is no charge for council members who are parents or KEA members for any SBDM session. For council members who are certified or classified staff who are not members of KEA, there is a charge: $50 for three-hour sessions if KEA provides all the materials and $35 if the school district duplicates the materials. For the new council members’ six hours of training, parents and KEA members do not pay a fee. The fee for non-KEA members is $100 if KEA provides the materials and $70 if the school district duplicates the materials.

If KEA sets up training sessions in our offices and provides everything, the costs are: No Charge for KEA members and parents; $50 for a three hour session for non-members and $100 for a six hour session.

KEA SBDM training and consultative offerings include:

  1. Policy and By-law writing and review
  2. Budget and allocation
  3. Effective meetings
  4. Open meetings and records legal requirements
  5. Committee operations
  6. Parent involvement strategies
  7. Using TELL data for SBDM strategies
  8. School Improvement planning
  9. PD planning
  10.  SBDM law

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