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Professionalism - National Board Certification - Certified Professional Learning Facilitators

Current NBCT’s that have completed a 6 hour course covering the new NCBT system, bias, and ethics are certified to be Professional Learning Facilitators.  This list includes all KEA members that have taken the time to complete this certification and are now certified to assist candidates through the NBCT process.  If you are a candidate looking to have support through the process it is strongly advised that you access a Certified Professional Learning Facilitator. 

A list of those KEA members that are certified is here.  (This list will continually be added to as additional NBCT’s are certified as PLF’s.)


** KEA does not administer the Professional Learning Facilitators program and does not coordinate, monitor, arrange, or endorse the services or advice of any PLF.  Whether an individual NCBT candidate chooses to employ the services of a certified PLF and the identity of the PLF that the candidate may choose are individual decisions that must be made by each NBCT candidate.  KEA plays no role in such decisions and transactions.  Certified PLF’s typically receive a fee for their services that is negotiated between the PLF and candidate.  KEA believes that a PLF typically charges about $25 per hour for his or her services.*

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