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Professionalism - KEA Training Opportunities

The Kentucky Education Association offers a variety of training sessions for schools, districts, local KEA leaders and local KEA associations.   Some are offered on a statewide basis, others can be brought into your local area. Most can be adapted to meet local needs. For further details contact your local UniServ Director or Michelle New, KEA Director of Professional Excellence, at

Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (PGES) Writing Student Growth Goals Training
KEA’s PGES Writing Student Growth Goals training is a 3 hour training to help educators with the creation and writing of their rigorous classroom student growth goals.  We help educators understand the parts of the growth goals and how to monitor and document the formative and summative assessments in order to determine if students have met the growth and proficiency requirements of the student growth goals.   

Kentucky Academic Standards in Arts & Humanities
This 3 hour training will be an in-depth look into the newly adopted Arts & Humanities Standards.  You will be interacting with colleagues and learning how the arts can be used across all content areas to help students learn and retain content knowledge.  You will be fully engaged during this hands-on and creative session that will be presented by active Arts & Humanities classroom teachers.  KEA Arts & Humanities training is FREE to all participants. However, advance notice and date of requested training is required before the training will be provided. Each training has a minimum requirement of 10 participants. Complete the Request for Arts & Humanities Training form here.  (3 hour training)  

Kentucky Academic Standards Science in the Elementary School “Pencil Box Science”  
This training is designed for any elementary school teacher K-5 whether they teach science or not.  You will go through 9 experiment stations and be exposed to the KAS Standards as well as how to incorporate science throughout all content areas within the classroom so that you are enhancing instruction within the classroom and making connections for real world application.  (2 hr. training)  Complete the Request for KAS Science for the Elementary "Pencil Box Science" Training form here.  

Kentucky Core Academic Standards (KCAS) for Science
KEA's KCAS for Science training includes an overview of the science standards to give participants a basic understanding of the layout and language included in the standards.  Participants will learn how to deconstruct a standard and develop I can statements for student objectives to achieve the standard.  Finally, participants will gain knowledge and skills to advocate for appropriate implementation of the standards in their schools. (3 hour training) 

Local Association Officer Training (LAOT)
Officer training is recommended for new and beginning officers. This course is designed to provide local officers with skills and knowledge to have successful terms of office.  Sessions cover association structure and roles, using your constitution, running an effective meeting, understanding membership and why it matters, communicating for the association, and more.

Local and District Treasurer Training
This training is for veteran and new treasurers. Participants work closely with KEA’s Finance Director. Each participant receives a handbook that contains useful information concerning helpful guides in establishing accounting records, suggestions on internal control procedures, worksheets to assist the treasurer in performing their duties and other helpful items.  

Emerging Leadership Program
The Emerging Leadership Program is designed for members with little or no leadership experience in the association but who are interested in becoming more engaged in KEA activities.  Participants develop leadership skills through sessions on leadership styles, orientation to KEA, communication, membership, basic legal rights, legislative and political action and commitment to action.

Association Representative (AR) Training
AR training is designed to give ARs skills and knowledge to move the members and potential members they represent toward their own empowerment. Sessions cover leadership within the association, how to be an advocate, effective communication, and political activism.

Cultivating Your Local through Membership
This program focuses on the role of Association Representative in recruiting new employees into the association by helping them understand generational shifts and strategies to recruit, retain and reclaim members.  

Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP)
Kentucky is lucky enough to have a Kentucky Teacher Internship Program for first year teachers in Kentucky’s public schools.  This 2 hour training is offered by each KEA District at the beginning of each school year.  It is intended for new intern teachers to attend with their resource teacher.  We will provide an overview of the timeline, forms, and expectations of the intern and committee during the KTIP Process as well as a provide time for collaboration with other interns and resource teachers from across the district.    

Adult Learning Theory 
Teaching adults is very different for teaching students.  We help educators learn how to adjust their teaching style to be most effective for adults so they can maximize the time and experience they have in your training.  This is an excellent training for Teacher Leaders that are wanting to help lead PLC’s and give presentations at conferences and training.  In addition this training is a requirement for any KEA Cadre Trainers before they are able to train.  

School Based Decision Making (SBDM)

  • SBDM Law and Overview (1 hour session) 
    • Do the parents and staff in your School Community understand the purpose and function of your school’s SBDM Council and Committees as envisioned by KERA? Is your school community functioning through the SBDM process to make schools a better place for children? Do the staff and parents understand their roles and responsibilities guaranteed by law? SBDM process as well as roles and responsibilities will be shared and a process developed to engage all stakeholders in this process of School Improvement. This 1 hour training can be used as PD for staff if it becomes part of the School Improvement Plan.
  • SBDM Law 
    • ​Do the parents and staff in your School Community understand the purpose and function of your school’s SBDM Council and Committees as envisioned by KERA? Is your school community functioning through the SBDM process to make schools a better place for children? Do the staff and parents understand their roles and responsibilities guaranteed by law? SBDM process as well as roles and responsibilities will be shared and a process developed to engage all stakeholders in this process of School Improvement. This training can be used as PD for staff if it becomes part of the School Improvement Plan.
  • Policy and By-law Writing and Review  
    • Provides Council members with a process for policy and by-law review that results in a comprehensive analysis of their current documents for legality, clarity and purpose of language, as well as addressing current educational issues. Assistance is provided to the Council to develop internal capacity to review and rewrite these documents on a yearly basis by either themselves or their committees.
  • Budget and Allocation 
    • This training educates the Council and/or Budget Committee about current funding sources: School, Board of Education, State and Federal funds for staffing, programs, services and materials. It also provides skill development in analysis of current budgetary considerations and how to prioritize funds using needs assessments for school improvement. Policy considerations will also be dealt with in the training.
  • Effective Meetings 
    • Too often valuable time is wasted in endless meetings, this module provides a process for effective meetings from agenda building to tasks each council member can provide for the council to effectively use it’s time to deal with ever changing issues it faces for school improvement.
  • Open Meetings and Records Legal Requirements 
    • Does your council know if it is having legal meetings? Does it understand the requirements for official actions and how to keep record of those decisions?  Are the Council’s committees operating lawfully? This training will provide the Council members with knowledge, skills and processes to address all the requirements of the law as well as developing an efficient system for their meetings and records.
  • Committee Operations 
    • Committee work is the backbone of parental, staff and community involvement for school improvement. Skills, processes and communication strategies will be discussed and developed for your committees to achieve their purposes. 
  • Parent Involvement Strategies 
    • Are the parents in your school being utilized at home or at the school as partners for better schools? Strategies from “Family School Community Partnerships” will be shared as well as an assessment tool to use for the purpose of identifying current parent involvement activities and to help develop a comprehensive plan for the future.
  • Using TELL Data for School Improvement 
    • TELL data is to be used in the Comprehensive School Improvement Planning by each School Council. Is your council aware of this data and its use? Do you currently have a Planning Committee in place that utilizes all members of the School Community? Building a School Improvement Plan from TELL survey data and the Kentucky Teaching Conditions Standards are the focus of this training. Prioritization of issues will be discussed and a plan utilizing all members of the School Community for planning purposes will be developed as well.
  • School Improvement Planning 
    • The School Improvement Plan is the vehicle for positive outcomes for children in your school. This training provides the skills and processes to develop a prioritized set of strategies developed by stakeholders that are well communicated and can be accomplished to attain continuous improvement.
  • Professional Development (PD) Planning 
    • Is PD at your site out of control? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of trainings required? Is the PD plan focused and followed up with assistance and revision? Does your council currently have a needs assessment for the PD at your site? These and many other questions as well as policy development and focused strategies will be shared to make Professional Development decisions focused and manageable.

National Board Certification Candidate Support
All trainings are conducted by KEA’s team of National Board Certified Teachers.

  • First Steps to National Board Certification
    • Candidates are provided answers to essential questions regarding the certification process. For example: What is National Board Certification? Why has National Board revised its certification process? What are details pertaining to eligibility, certificate areas, fees, registration, component instructions, and scoring? etc.  
  • Jump Start 
    • KEA’s Jump Start sessions provide National Board candidates with a comprehensive understanding of the process to certification. Candidates are offered training sessions on each available component.  After attending a session they are ready to jump into the work armed with tips, strategies and confidence.  
  • Homestretch 
    • During the component 1 session, candidates receive test site information, test-taking tips, and are given the opportunity to practice one test question within the Pearson on-line tutorial or a similar testing simulation.  During Peer Review candidates will bring a draft copy of their work in one component to share with like-certificate candidates (when possible) to provide and receive feedback on their work.
  • Renewal 
    • Renewal candidates leave this one day workshop with a complete outline of the Profile of the Professional Growth (PPG) and a plan for each entry.
  • Candidate Support Provider Training 
    • This training fulfills the requirements needed to mentor KY National Board Candidates for one year. This program melds National Board CSP training, NEA diversity training and lessons learned from conducting KEA Jump start. National Board Ethical Standards are highlighted. 

School Law for School Employees
This training presents an overview of the statutes, regulations, and policies that most often affect public school employees. The duration of the training can be adapted to the level of intensity desired by the audience. 

Social Networking
The one-hour session explores the dangers and potential liabilities that school employees may face in using social networking websites and in engaging in friendships with students. 

Student Assaults  
The one-hour presentation deals with the legal rights of school employees who are injured as a consequence of a student assault.

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