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Members - Retired

KEA-Retired is the KEA affiliate for retired teachers and other school employees. KEA-Retired addresses the interests and needs of a growing number of retired professional educators. These retirees, who have spent their careers helping children learn and looking after the needs of others, now enter a new period of challenge, adjustment, and possibilities. KEA-Retired is there, helping with the transition, a bridge between the teaching profession to which they have given so much, and the needs and opportunities of their new life in retirement.

KEA-Retired provides assistance and information to those active members contemplating retirement. Retirees receive helpful information, publications, benefits, and an active organization to address important issues related to retirement security. KEA-Retired, in cooperation with KEA and NEA, is an effective lobby in Frankfort and in Washington, DC to address issues important to retirees. The KEA-Retired governing board is democratically elected by KEA-Retired members.

For more information contact Kayne Ishmael, Kathryn Whitlock, or KEA-Retired President Tom Denton at the KEA-Retired office at 1-800-231-4532.

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