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Commonwealth of Kentucky State Budget:

Tax Reform:

Kentucky’s current tax code is based on a model that was designed in the 1950s, when most of the state’s economy had an agricultural base. Because of this outdated model, Kentucky revenues continue to decline, forcing harmful cuts in spending for critical programs like education.  Governor Beshear appointed a task force to study and make recommendations on reforming Kentucky’s tax system. The task force is chaired by Lt. Governor Jerry Abramson. They have made a number of recommendations for changes in the tax code, which together would yield $690 million additional revenue for Kentucky. Since about half of all state funding is devoted to P-12 education, tax reform that will generate additional revenue will yield significant additional funds for Kentucky’s schools.

Talking Points:

  1. Kentucky’s public schools are dramatically underfunded. State funding for professional development, extended school services, textbooks, safe schools and FRYSCs have been significantly reduced over the last five years. (Use personal examples of the impact of these cuts on your students and your own economic welfare.)  See more information about the impact of these cuts by viewing the graph “Expectations Up, Resources Down”  here.
  2. Kentucky – through Senate Bill 1 (2009) reforms – is expecting much more of our students, teachers and schools than ever before.
  3. Educators join with the state in wanting to assure that every student graduates from high school and is college and career ready. We cannot do that alone. We need additional funding and support. 
  4. KEA asks the General Assembly to support increased school funding. As a first step funding should be restored to the 2008 levels.
  5. KEA supports broad-based tax reform that is fair to all and does not penalize those with the least ability to pay or harm the middle class.

Please contact your legislator today and ask them to pass meaningful tax reform to fund Kentucky’s Schools.

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