KEA Members - Keep up the great work! Continue to ask legislators to fully fund the KTRS obligation
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Since KTRS was created in 1938, its biggest advocate and protector has been the Kentucky Education Association and KEA members. More than 75 years later, in 2014 KEA is continuing that fight. There is no stronger advocate for adequate funding for KTRS than KEA. KEA has met with key legislators and with the Governor about many funding concerns, including KTRS’ funding needs, as well as restoring K-12 school funding to 2008 levels and providing teachers with raises. KEA has organized its members through our Raise Your Hand campaign to contact all state representatives and senators in support of education funding, including KTRS funding. Through the Kentucky Education Action Team (KEAT), KEA works with other education advocates to support restored school funding and tax reform to yield more revenue for education, including KTRS.

Members should continue to contact their legislators about the need to fully fund the obligation to KTRS. The more they hear from their constituents the louder the message will be.