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Remember to complete your LivingWell Promise by May 1
Thursday April 24, 2014
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All KEHP members who elected either the 2014 LivingWell CDHP or LivingWell PPO must complete the HumanaVitality Health Assessment by May 1, 2014 to fulfill their LivingWell Promise. If the KEHP member fails to complete the LivingWell Promise by May 1, 2014, then the member will not be permitted to elect a LivingWell plan option in 2015. 

Two Easy Steps to Fulfill the LivingWell Promise: 

Step 1: Complete your HumanaVitality Health Assessment (HA) 
1.    Go to 
2.    Click on "HumanaVitality Login" 
3.    Sign in or register (Note: The Humana username and password are different from those for KHRIS)
4.    Click the "Get Healthy" tab 
5.    Click "Health Assessment" to answer the questions and receive your Vitality Age (Note: Takes about 15-20 minutes to complete)
Click here to view/print detailed log-in instructions. 

Step 2: Update your contact information (Only necessary if there has been a recent change of address, etc.) 

1.    Log in to KHRIS Employee Self-Service (ESS) 
2.    Click "Personal Information" 
3.    Click "Addresses" 
4.    Review and update your information, if necessary 
Click here to view/print detailed log-in instructions

 Contact your retirement system to update your contact information: 
Kentucky Retirement System
Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System
KCTCS Retirement
Judicial Retirement or Legislators' Retirement

Additional Resources:
o    See a list of frequently asked questions here
o    View or print a sample HumanaVitality Health Assessment (HA) here
o    Watch the Health Assessment webinar (Note: just register with your e-mail to view the presentation)

Still have questions? 
Contact your insurance coordinator or call 1-877-597-7474 for Health Assessment information.


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